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Recovering Professional Program
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For the Health Professional

Nurse's Recovery Program

In collaboration with the South Carolina Nurses Association (SCNA)'s Peer Assistance Program, RPP offers a comprehensive program to help nurses recover fully and return to practice

What is peer assistance?

The SCNA Peer Assistance Program is designed to assist the alcohol- and other drug-dependent nurse in obtaining life-long freedom from the physically debilitating, mind-altering effects of addictive substances and in maintaining personal growth and development.

Alcohol and other drug dependence is a primary illness and should be treated as such. Manifestations include personal, legal and health problems that impair an individual's ability to practice nursing safely. Nurses who develop this illness can be helped to recover with appropriate treatment.

The threefold Peer Assistance Program

Education: The program develops and disseminates informational brochures, operates a speaker's bureau and works to develop policies and procedures for nurses obtaining help through employee assistance programs.

Intervention: The program coordinates with RPP to facilitate nurses' entry into treatment programs.

Peer Support: Throughout treatment and recovery, the program advocates for individuals' return to nursing practice.