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Recovering Professional Program
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For the Health Professional

Pharmacist's Recovery Program

Isolation, availability of drugs and the physical demands of the pharmacy profession contribute to the risk of substance abuse among pharmacists. These risks are most commonly associated with higher rates of depression, stress, long hours, divorce and suicide among pharmacists as compared with other health professions.

Your Responsibility

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems associated with substance abuse, the SCRPT is available to provide confidential assistance. You may contact one of the regional SCRPT contacts listed below for confidential, non-judgmental, non-punitive assistance. Members of the SCRPT support their peers in all aspects of the recovery process, and all information provided to the SCRPT is maintained separately from records pertaining to the South Carolina Pharmacy Association and the South Carolina Board of Pharmacy.

Midlands District
Curtiss Chavous
(803) 787-1766

Region 1 (Greenville/Spartanburg Area)
Frank (864) 246-6927

Dixon (864) 244-0975

Elizabeth (864) 855-5345

Glenn (864) 585-7283

Lloyd (864) 597-1097

Region 2 (Aiken/Augusta Area)

David(803) 278-2414

Edwin (706) 650-8249

Region 3 (Charleston/Georgetown Area)

Carl (843) 750-1393

Jennifer (843) 572-4375

Tim (843) 545-5957

Region 4 (Florence/Marion Area)

Bert (843) 423-0708

Randy (843) 365-1854

Region 5 (Columbia/Orangeburg)


Sheila (803) 534-0821