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For the Spouse/Family

Will my loved one lose his/her license if ordered to treatment by the professional board?
This varies from case to case. When determining the status of an individual's license, the professional boards consider numerous factors, including the severity of any charges and the nature of the investigative process. Often the loss of a license is temporary, with the return of the license contingent upon the professional's compliance with both RPP's contract and his/her board order.

What is the length of treatment?
The length of treatment is variable and determined on an individual basis. Treatment may be either inpatient or outpatient. Individual referral and treatment depend upon the client's needs. The client's progress is monitored throughout the continuum of care by RPP.

Who pays for treatment, and how much does it cost?
The healthcare professional pays for his/her own treatment. Insurance may pay a portion of the cost, which varies by treatment facility and type/length of treatment, with long-term inpatient treatment being the most expensive.

Will my loved one be out of work, and for how long?
The period of time that a healthcare professional is out of work is dependant upon the recommendation of RPP and their board order. The treatment provider will not release the healthcare professional to return to work until it is determined that he/she can return to safe practice.

Is there a probation period during which my loved one cannot work?
A probationary period may be mandated by the board. Probation is ordered on an individual basis.

Is any counseling available for the spouse and/or family?
Family members are always encouraged to be involved in a healthcare professional's treatment.

Are there any support groups available for spouses, children and other family members?
There are professional-association support groups, as well as standard Al-Anon, Ala-Teen and Coda (co-dependency) groups available, depending on your location.

What happens in the event of a relapse?
The healthcare professional is evaluated, and an appropriate course of action is determined. This may result in reporting the professional to the board if he/she fails to meet requirements and return to compliance.